Raising Our Global Minimum Standard for Paid Parental Leave

A father helping a child play in a round play structure

Becoming a parent for the first time or when expanding a family is an important life event. We recognize that our people give a lot of their time and energy to their careers, and as a responsible employer, we have a role to play in supporting them during this significant life change.

That’s why we increased our global paid parental leave standard to 16 weeks for primary caregivers and 8 weeks for secondary caregivers*. 

Blue maternity leave graphic
*Global minimum standard for all SLB locations, individual parental leave may differ based on local policies and legislations.

Furthering Inclusion

Investing and providing access to equitable, inclusive benefits that support personal growth, well-being, and a sense of belonging is a central part of our culture. 

No matter how a new child joins your family, whether it is through birth, surrogacy, or adoption, this enhanced policy goes beyond simply offering extra time off. It allows all parents to bond with their new child and empowers secondary caregivers to take their rightful share of leave, too. 

While every family looks different, we hope that giving extra time to secondary caregivers will help reduce the gender gap while increasing women's representation at all levels of the company. A fully inclusive culture can only be achieved when we aim for gender harmony, allowing parents to fully embrace their role in parenting. 

Our enhanced parental leave benefit underscores SLB’s commitment to inclusion, offering improved support for balancing work and personal life while empowering secondary caregivers to play a more integral role in this significant life event.

Carmen Rando Béjar, Chief People Officer.

July 11, 2024