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World Bicycle Day

Riding their way to fitness: Employees around the world cycling for well-being and sustainability

On June 3 the United Nations (UN) annual World Bicycle Day spotlights the benefits of bicycles and highlights their longevity as a mode of transport. Since their invention over two centuries ago, bicycles have remained a viable and eco-friendly mobility solution that can help contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including #3 good health and well-being and #17 partnerships for the goals.

Schlumberger Employees posing with their bicycles as they bike to work on World Bicycle Day

From traditional to electric bicycles, many Schlumberger people worldwide ride their bikes to work. Locations are supporting this through various initiatives such as providing bicycle parking, charging stations, locker room changing facilities, and bicycle maintenance stations.

"Cycling is a passion for many employees,” says Lucas, an employee in Brazil.” It's great that electric charging facilities have been installed at our location as it encourages my co-workers to ride their bikes to work. I appreciate that Schlumberger is investing in sustainable practices that employees can take part in.”

Pedal Power
In addition to sustainability benefits, bicycle riding promotes physical fitness and well-being.

In Norway, Schlumberger sponsors employees in community bike races where teams test their fitness together while having fun. This includes a recent 91 km coastal race and a 165 km ride around the fjords and into the mountains.

Schlumberger employees also organize weekend and after-work local cycling clubs with participation of family and friends. The clubs encourage active fitness by organizing enjoyable and safe cycling activities.

In Ecuador, an employee bike club was started to encourage physical activity. What started off as a small after-work fun initiative between colleagues, quickly grew to include dozens of employees who now organize wellness campaigns and bike itineraries to take before and after work.

Safety on the Road
Employee-led bike clubs also promote safe riding tips. An employee club in Texas, USA offers classes with certified trainers on how to ride on public roads in groups, as well as tips on bike maintenance.

Other Schlumberger initiatives include promoting bike riding safety as part of the company’s HSE for Youth program, which seeks to inform and empower young people to make responsible and safer decisions regarding health, safety, and environmental issues. The program incorporates local workshops on road safety including tips for bike riding and the importance of correctly wearing a helmet.

Learn more about the UN’s World Bicycle Day here and more about sustainability initiatives at Schlumberger here.

UN Sustainability Development Goal 3: Good Health and Well-BeingUN Sustainability Development Goal 17: Partnerships