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Adele started with SLB as a design engineering intern in OneSubsea. Returning the following summer as a Design Engineer in the OneStart program, “I was drawn back by the people and the opportunity to design equipment that is both cutting edge and exciting,” she explains. During the first year of the rotation program, she learned about each of OneSubsea’s five core product groups: Subsea Connection Systems, Subsea Landing String Services, Subsea Wellheads, Subsea Manifolds, and Subsea Trees while contributing engineering design work to the various teams. After the rotation year, she joined the Connectors team in the Caps Product Group.

Days are varied. She’s recently transitioned into a Lead Project Engineer role. Typically working on creating parts, releasing engineering documentation and drawings, and ensuring that the equipment she’s working on is on schedule for release, she’ll meet with her project and engineering teams to ensure alignment on equipment and critical path items are being completed on schedule. Helping to conduct training for other engineers in the first year of their training program adds to the challenge. What she designs has to withstand harsh environmental conditions and requires specialized materials and coatings. Add to this the schedule constraints, and it’s a case of constantly pushing the envelope.

“I always get excited when I get pictures of the equipment I have helped design back from manufacturing,” she beams. “It is so rewarding to see the things that spend hours on my computer screen come to life!“

“My career to date has been filled with growth, challenge, and excitement. From Caps Engineer to Project Engineer, and from delivering training to co-workers to delivering equipment designs on schedule, it’s so rewarding to see the equipment that I have helped to design come to life.”

She is enthusiastic about the OneSubsea working environment. Confirming that the culture is welcoming, fast-paced, challenging. “It’s positive and collaborative, and every contribution matters”, she clarifies, “I’ll never forget when I first started in the rotational program, I was asking a more experienced engineer for design advice, and she told me: you are the engineer, and you are the expert in your designs. Have confidence in your engineering aptitude and rely on your team to help you succeed.”

Almost three years into her career, she is confident she’s gained an immense amount of knowledge and contributes useful solutions to unique technical challenges. And she’s excited about the future, “ I have a boundless career ahead of me with many more things to learn along the way”. It’s not just about how to manage work, Adele stresses the importance of managing her work-life balance too. “I set a schedule for myself, so I am being intentional with my hours at work and getting a good night’s sleep on work nights,” she explains. “I try to set specific times for work, exercise, personal ventures, and social activities with friends, so I don’t stretch myself too thin.”

When considering her advice to anyone contemplating a career in Schlumberger, she advises other young engineers to be confident and open to the opportunities that come their way. “You never know where one ‘yes’ will take you,” she says.

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