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Meet Amy: Adapting to a Global Adventure

Since joining Schlumberger, Amy has worked across three different countries and looks forward to a dynamic, and challenging career ahead.

Amy completed her degree in petroleum engineering in 2019 and decided to join Schlumberger as a field engineer as the role offered travel opportunities and career progression.

Her expectations were quickly met. Within three years, she’s worked in two different locations and attended training in another. Amy’s highlights from her career travels have been working offshore in Africa and taking courses at the company’s learning center in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. “I’ve had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, learn about different cultures, and most importantly, gain expertise in my career as a field engineer for Schlumberger. It’s a fantastic experience working here,” she shares.

Though she relishes these in-person experiences, the company’s online systems ensure there is support at hand regardless of where she is based. “Team members are approachable thanks to the culture of inclusivity and diversity in Schlumberger. Support is readily available, so I’ve never been afraid to ask questions.”

Amy has found field work both challenging and rewarding. For her, understanding and experiencing field work is vital to her career progression and will equip her with the necessary skills to pursue any career path at Schlumberger. “No day is the same when working in the field. I face different challenges every day, ranging from tools and equipment to working in extreme weather conditions. Although some days are more challenging than others, I found it has strengthened my character and confidence, knowing I can handle the pressures of the role,” she notes.

While Amy says that she has not always found it easy to adapt to different situations, she’s surprised herself with what she has been able to achieve at Schlumberger. She is keen to encourage anyone that is an introvert to pursue a field career, “Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You might be surprised to discover your potential.”

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