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Thanks for the nudge

Accepting a daunting challenge when still an intern led Anis to a full-time job and subject expertise.

It was a short jump from the moment in 2017 when Anis joined SLB as an intern to the day she became the subject expert in user interface/user experience (UI/UX) on the Data Visualization Analysis team. That leap took only a couple of years, with stops in China and Singapore for training.

Now, as a Data Visualization Analyst, one of Anis’s favorite parts of the job is her role as scrum master. A typical day begins with planning and then the daily “stand-up meeting” (these days conducted remotely from home) with her scrum team. After that, Anis liaises with project stakeholders to resolve impediments they may be encountering and to discuss design ideas. “Generally, this will take me to lunch, which I always look forward to! Food is a critical component of Malaysian culture.” After that, she may spend the rest of the day writing code, designing workflows, creating dashboards, or reviewing the user experience design of an app.

“Shortly afterwards, I was given a permanent position, and the rest is history."

Anis raves about the training opportunities that have gotten her this far so soon, including many certifications. “During the first year, I was provided with core technical skills in numerous IT products and applications essential for my role.” Then came the UI/UX training, plus workshops to hone her ability to conduct design thinking sessions.

Anis credits her first manager, back when she was an intern, for encouraging the leap that launched her career. Whenever he would walk by her workstation, she recalls, he would ask why she was working on Remedy tickets, which were a main responsibility, but not expanding her skills by working on other projects. “One day, he called me into a meeting to kick off a project for Human Resources.”

With little technical experience, Anis mustered all her energy finish the project. Not only did she complete it, but she also solved a work-around that was supposedly outside of the application’s capability. “Shortly afterwards, I was given a permanent position, and the rest is history. I wouldn’t have made it if it was not for his push. There’s nothing like a slight nudge off the cliff.”

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Headshot of Anis, Data Visualization Analyst
Data Visualization Analyst