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Testing Limits and Finding Balance: Meet Anniza

During her university years, Anniza was determined on a career with an organization that takes pride in building talent and championing gender diversity. After interviewing with Schlumberger, she realized it was a perfect fit.

Anniza began as a vacation trainee in Malaysia. Upon graduation, she started in a field engineer role and worked on offshore rigs in Qatar for about three and a half years. The next opportunity led her to Brazil, further strengthening her formative years by being in the field in a deepwater environment. The next assignment took her to France as a learning center instructor, training fresh graduates to be ready for their offshore exposure.

After spending eight years abroad, returning home to Malaysia was both timely yet challenging as she was assigned to manage South East Asia operations—back to where it all started for her.

“It’s gone a full circle,” says Anniza. “I returned to Malaysia to manage some of the same people I’d worked with all those years before as a trainee. Managing operations is a demanding job. Your phone is with you 24/7, but you really get to see how the company works and what it takes to deliver value to customers.”

“I’ve always felt included, that I have a voice, and that my gender is no barrier to my career progression.”

“Despite being in a male-dominated industry, I’m fortunate to be working in an inclusive and empowering environment,” she shares. “I’ve always felt included, that I have a voice, and that my gender is no barrier to my career progression. In the last few years, I’ve been given the opportunity to grow from being a Product Line Sales Manager, to leading the sales function for a new Business Line in the region covering multiple product lines. It’s equipped me with an in-depth understanding of managing and driving the business.”

With such a demanding career, it’s hard to imagine Anniza having time outside of work. “It’s not easy to balance a challenging job and your personal life, but you need to,” she assures. “Time management and prioritization are crucial skills to master.”

She also consciously sets time aside for family and her passion - freediving. ''Challenge yourself to defy your own limits,'' says Anniza. “Having recently certified as a level 2 instructor, I now share this passion with others, and find real exhilaration in challenging my own limits with increasing depth and breath-hold below the surface. My current personal best is 43m depth and 4 mins breath hold.”

Her advice to others considering a career at Schlumberger is simple: “Never stop learning, go beyond, and be ready to take the opportunity!”

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