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Ariel wanted to do challenging work in a collaborative culture.  Here, she’s working on innovative projects in teams that are shaping the future of energy.

Ariel is now in her fifth year with Schlumberger and has quickly become a subject matter expert in her domain. She attributes this to having a variety of experiences and responsibilities which have allowed her to quickly gain knowledge and expertise.

Graduating from the University of Western Australia with two bachelor’s degrees, one in Mechatronics Engineering and the other in Biochemistry, she discovered Schlumberger at a conference. There, she first heard about the company’s people-first culture and emphasis on training, “I knew that by joining Schlumberger I’d get a world-class experience in the energy industry which would set me up for any career pathway I wished to pursue.”

Ariel has learned how to operate high-tech equipment and deploy innovative product systems. This technology is helping to shape the future of energy by unlocking sustainable energy solutions. She shares that the work is diverse and continuously challenging, “The beauty and joy to be found in simple everyday things of life in the field are incredible,” she says.

“At every stage of my career at Schlumberger, I’ve been part of a supportive team, full of great people willing to share their knowledge and experience, while also not being afraid to question the status quo and propose alternatives. The team works collaboratively across functions to reach the best solutions and go the extra mile to get things done.” 

Ariel is grateful that her peers have mentored, guided, and encouraged her career. Through teamwork, she has gained invaluable advice: “At Schlumberger, you are always encouraged to empower your team and share knowledge to make a strong support network. You don’t need to be afraid to delegate tasks, always ask for input and help your teammates identify and develop their skills.” It is the people that have made her experience at Schlumberger so enriching, “though field life is not for everyone, it is rewarding in its own unique way”.

Ariel is excited to pursue her career at Schlumberger and praises the company for the endless opportunities it offers. She is considering a technical pathway to become a cementing expert or a management pathway to one day lead a country’s operational service team. Either way, she wants to pave the way for future women in whichever role she takes on, “If you want to move up, you need to create space behind you and train someone to fill it.”

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