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A career without limits

Our Software Developers aren’t just leading on innovation in the energy industry, they’re extending the limits of what’s possible with software across the world. Cassio, a Cloud Software Engineer, has been using state-of the-art cloud technology to foster increased collaboration, faster interactions and to support machine learning applications. He’s drawing on his experience having led multiple, diverse projects, while using the autonomy and freedom that comes with his role to stay ahead of emerging technology. Here, you get the support you need to pioneer.

Every person here brings passion and dedication to the platform they’re given and has the opportunity to turn it into genuine impact. For Cassio, a Cloud Software Engineer, that means making his mark now and on our future. He investigates technologies to not just improve products for our customers, but to improve how his colleagues develop and deliver their transformational work. As he puts it, “I look at ways to adopt new technologies to make lives easier. “

This requires proposing solutions for challenges our software has, as well as ideas for new features, changes, or directions that can improve our processes. One of Cassio’s most successful projects has been to streamline field modelling – a process that begins with an engineer having to manually model a field.

Software Developer

“I feel like I'm the person that's pushing tech boundaries, using state-of-art tools, and pioneering with those tools."

“In the past, once the engineer was happy with the model, they’d send it to another person who would cost up the equipment needed for that field and present the data in a spreadsheet. Then, another person would put the model in a simulation tool to generate a forecast. It was a lengthy process.”

Cassio’s team implemented software to integrate the process and give the engineers more options in how they approach their work. The engineers still need to model the field but from there they can run multiple different simulations with different parameters, such as changing connections sizes or the diameter of pipes. It can also predict different scenarios such as what the surface is going to look like, or where the equipment should be placed on the bottom of the ocean. Not only has the process been simplified, but it has also cut down time and opened up new streams of data that can be shared company-wide to keep refining how we work.

An important part of Cassio’s role is to investigate technologies we might need to solve future problems, which means being one step ahead of technology in the rapidly changing digital landscape in the energy sector and beyond.

“I feel like I'm the person that's pushing tech boundaries, using state-of-art tools, and pioneering with those tools. With field modelling, for instance, the technology we’re using allows us to roughly forecast oil production in 20 years’ time. Having the freedom and opportunity to make that happen is what makes SLB unique.”

Having an agile mindset means we can adapt quickly to new problems and harness emerging technologies to continuously improve. Now, thanks to cloud technology, Cassio can have a new piece of software deployed every two weeks. We can keep gathering feedback to keep refining our products and processes or make decisions to change direction where necessary.”

“We’re not tied doing just the regular old stuff. You have space to actually explore and propose new ideas, that’s what makes me happy. There are always multiple new projects starting and the chance to work on a new problem, it’s exciting. In the future, I can see that there’s a new project that I'm going to work on that’s completely different from what everybody else is doing. It feels like having a new job every day.”