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After receiving her degree in Petroleum Engineering, Catalina joined an oil and gas company operating in Venezuela where she gained experience with well production enhancement techniques including artificial lift systems and chemical treatments. After four years, she moved to Schlumberger to join an Integrated Project Management (IPM) group providing services to an operator developing an oilfield in Southern Mexico. Her current responsibilities include preparing drilling programs and supporting initiatives to continually improve the efficiency of drilling operations.

“The 5 years I have had working in the company thus far have provided me with a great life experience. With Schlumberger I have had the opportunity to continue growing as an engineer: learning from different cultures; demonstrating values such as perseverance, discipline and teamwork; and showing every day that it is possible to work as a professional while also being a mother and a wife. I feel my potential and the potential of the company are aligned…and I definitely enjoy it 100%!”


Well Engineer

Location: Villahermosa, Mexico

Degree: Bachelors, Petroleum Engineering

Institute: Universidad Central de Venezuela

Start Date: 2007

"I believe everybody has something to teach other, and I like to always take advantage of that."