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Cindy takes every opportunity to try different roles and build a strong network as her career unfolds.

Cindy had a kaleidoscopic start to her Schlumberger career. She entered in 2017 through a rotational development program offered by Cameron, a Schlumberger company, which exposed her to four rotations in four different departments involving two business lines at facilities in Texas and Oklahoma. After the program, she decided to get experience in yet another business line,and joined OneSubsea as a project coordinator. “Needless to say, I have already experienced a ‘borderless career’ in my short time at Schlumberger, and I am excited to see how my career progresses."

Taking a fresh look at things seems to come naturally. During her time in Oklahoma City, she was a part of the production planning team. One of the team’s responsibilities was to complete all quotes for valves within 24 hours, which required looking up the lead times for each individual component and repeating this process for however many quotes were on the workbench. Cindy and her teammates responded by creating a lead time calculator that would automatically look through component lead times and calculate a close estimate with just the click of a button.

“Needless to say, I have already experienced a ‘borderless career’ in my short time at Schlumberger, and I am excited to see how my career progresses."

Combining brain power is something Cindy believes in. She’s currently working on a project with engineers and project managers in Germany and Brazil. “Diversity of thought is a key part of the success of any team or organization. Combining our unique backgrounds allows us to brainstorm creative and effective solutions to issues that we encounter daily.”

Cindy’s also a big believer in building a strong network, and offers sage advice to new employees. “Be purposeful in the connections that you make and learn by asking questions.” Schlumberger offers many groups to become a part of, she adds, including Connect Women, where members engage in discussions and share their experiences to empower women.

Being a woman in the energy industry can be daunting, Cindy acknowledges, especially for a recent college graduate who has never worked in the industry before. “I am often the only woman in the room and sometimes feel intimidated to speak up and give input. I overcome this feeling by communicating closely with my manager, having good mentors, and networking with other women to build a strong support system.”

Cindy, Project Coordinator
Project Coordinator
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