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A challenging, collaborative and technologically exciting work environment.

Dipti describes herself as a passionate agilist, a term that makes better sense if you have at least one toe in the world of Information Technology. Agile software development is characterized by collaborative, self-directed, cross-functional teams working with end users to develop solutions in iterative, incremental “sprints”. Agilists embrace a spirit of continuous improvement and a flexible approach to change.

As a mid-career hire, Dipti knew exactly what she wanted when she applied to SLB in 2017. “I knew that the company had embarked on an agile journey. That, along with its digital transformation, attracted me. I could visualize a challenging, innovative work environment.”

Dipti joined the team in Pune, India as a Scrum Master in the Mobility Studio. “As soon as I joined, I was excited to see all the technical innovations and research initiatives that were being prioritized.”

“I knew that the company had embarked on an agile journey. That, along with its digital transformation, attracted me."

Dipti’s first challenge was to figure out the complex organizational structure and systems landscape of her new global employer. Then, in just over a year, she became one of the center’s first Product Owners, responsible for liaising with business leaders in the company to solve complicated business challenges through mobile solutions. “We later expanded the studio portfolio to include more mobile and web applications, robotic process automation, chat bots and collaborative solutions.”

When she describes her work environment, Dipti talks about safety. “There’s a feeling of safety in the office, not only physical safety but mental, emotional wellbeing, and equality. This has helped in vast ways to encourage my team members to shine in whatever they do, and me to do the best in everything I do!”

SLB's exceptional diversity is another empowering force for Dipti and her team. “People of all ages, genders and nationalities have an equal say; everyone’s opinion matters.” In her role, Dipti interacts and works with people across the globe. “I am always empowered to voice my opinions, challenge decisions and participate in healthy discussions in meetings. These open discussions help us to focus on the product and challenge at hand, and hence bring phenomenal outcomes!”

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Mobility Studio Product Owner