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Working around the world in different roles has taught Ina that she’s ready for any challenge that comes her way.

One of the main reasons Ina joined Schlumberger was the prospect of an adventurous lifestyle. The company has certainly not let her down on that count. In her first six years, Ina’s been transferred to Romania, the Netherlands, Germany, Scotland and the United States; she’s travelled to wellsite jobs in Italy, Turkey, France and Austria, and she has taken training courses in Abu Dhabi and Paris.

That explains why “borderless” is one of the first words that come to mind when asked to describe the Schlumberger culture. “Job roles are borderless too, allowing me to develop and learn so much professionally and personally.” Ina started in the field as a Field Engineer, installing downhole electric submersible pumps (ESPs), and quickly became a team lead, managing a crew of four on well sites across Europe. After gaining field experience, she moved on to managing business line sales for Germany and now manages some of Schlumberger’s top 20 global accounts for her business line.

“Job roles are borderless too, allowing me to develop and learn so much professionally and personally.”

“Inclusive” and “diverse” are two more words Ina uses to describe Schlumberger. “The company promotes a truly inclusive workspace, where everyone is welcome. For example, it’s not unusual to go to a training course and have everyone in the class be from a different country. It’s a fantastic chance to learn about different countries and cultures across the globe and to learn from each other.”

Schlumberger’s structured development training lived up to its reputation as the best job preparation in the industry, says Ina. Like many of her fellow employees, she has found that the company’s serious approach to safety has impacted her attitude outside of work: “I do indeed always check where the closest fire exit is, and I’ve become a safer driver and a more engaged passenger.” Ina also credits her varied assignments for teaching her valuable life skills: “I have gained confidence in the knowledge that I can take on any challenge that comes my way and I’ve learned that good preparation and organization as well as communication are key, at the well site and in everyday life.”

Ina, Account Manager
Account Manager
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