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The Energy Industry has been a part of Kimberley’s life for as long as she can remember. Her father’s 30-year career in the energy industry took him from the United Kingdom to South America, the Middle East, and Russia. Kimberley joined SLB straight out of Bath University, UK, where she studied Chemical Engineering. Starting as a Wireline trainee in Bergen, Norway, she progressed to Senior Field Engineer and General Field Engineer in Luanda, Angola, then became Equipment Readiness Lead (ERL) back in Bergen.

Fast forward to 2019, Ploesti, Romania: As Product and Service Delivery manager for Central Europe, Kimberley credits her peripatetic upbringing for one of her most valuable traits—adaptability. “I live for the day instead of pining to be somewhere else, and I stay open to learning about the culture I’m immersed in.”

Adaptability is a life-saving trait for anyone aspiring to the PSD role. With responsibility for day-to-day operations in six countries, Kimberley’s job is to ensure that her crews have the people and equipment they need to execute jobs safely and efficiently.

Kimberley’s definition of teamwork has expanded. “I’ve learned to think of my team as not just the field crew, but also the many function and location people supporting us.” Each day starts with a crew meeting to recap safety and quality topics and review upcoming operations, but Kimberley is also in daily communication with Operations Planning and Maintenance functions, and she maintains steady contact with team members in remote locations.

“Leading a team is about interacting with people, understanding how individuals react under stress, and knowing what to say in certain situations.”

As a naturally quiet person, Kimberley wondered at first if she could be a good manager. Then, as part of a PSD training program, her cohort of 30 people was asked to take a personality test. “Not only were we 30 different nationalities, but we were also all different personality types. Some were outspoken and fit a traditional SLB leader profile. Yet, we were all chosen to be PSDs. That was eye-opening.”

One skill you learn in the PSD role is people management. “Leading a team is about interacting with people, understanding how individuals react under stress, and knowing what to say in certain situations.”

Kimberley didn’t arrive at her position by chance. She was clear about what she wanted. “I pushed for it. SLB provides possibilities and infinite career paths. It’s up to you how quickly you progress.” But you don’t have to go it alone. Trainees are assigned a senior engineer as mentor, and as you progress, you’re free to choose people to mentor you. “You will get a lot of help from your managers; some of mine gave me a firm push when I needed it. Stay connected with them; they are a valuable network. Just keep knocking on doors.”

Kimberley is now embarking on a new phase of her career, as a Recruiting manager in South America, based in Quito, Ecuador. “SLB is a lifestyle, not just a job, and I want to be able to share my story with new recruits. I know the importance of finding a good fit for each function or product line role. I enjoy the jigsaw puzzle.”

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Product and Service Delivery Manager