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Global Domain Head

Start Date: 1984

Lawrence Camilleri, Production Optimization of Conventional and Unconventional Wells With ESP Real Time Data

Lawrence Camilleri has 36 years of experience in production operations, most of which have been focused on artificial lift. He has held roles ranging from field and application engineer to his current position as Global Domain Head. An expert in artificial lift, reservoir engineering, and completions, he is a strong believer in the importance of integrating multiple disciplines.

Mr. Camilleri has published over 18 SPE conference papers and three patents related to electrical submersible pump (ESP) operation, inflow characterization, and advanced completions.

Explain the topic of your SPE lecture.

“Optimizing production has always been important, but there is a particular focus on wells produced with ESPs. My lecture explains how real-time gauge data enables high-frequency, high-resolution downhole flow rate measurements on ESP wells. These measurements of rate and pressure are essential to enabling inflow characterization and identifying optimization opportunities on both low- and high-flow-rate wells.”

“Advancing the use of real-time data in this domain creates huge differentiation for Schlumberger. We are effectively raising the game.”

How has this field developed over the span of your career?

“This topic has evolved over the past 11 years as the use of real-time data has become key to production optimization. Technology advances have improved real-time data quality in terms of sampling frequency and metrology, and the cost of measurement, transmission, and storage has come down, all of which signals the true dawn of the digital age.”

Why have you chosen this lecture topic at this time?

“Real-time data helps increase well uptime and ESP run life, and minimizes power consumption. I’ve combined theoretical methodology and real case studies to illustrate the value of real-time data for conventional vertical wells as well as unconventional horizontal wells.

The case studies are based on ESP applications, but the lessons learned about extracting value from real-time data can now be applied to other artificial lift techniques and production processes.”

How does this topic factor into Schlumberger as a technology leader?

“Advancing the use of real-time data in this domain creates huge differentiation for Schlumberger. We are effectively raising the game.”