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Meet Mei May, Project Manager

After completing her bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Mei May joined WesternGeco, a Schlumberger company that specializes in geophysical services.

Upon joining the company, she quickly learned the skillsets required for her role, enabling technical knowledge growth with hands-on experience. Her work involves multi-component 4D projects, marine and land 3D projects as well as velocity model building and depth imaging.

During her career journey, she’s worked across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. As no one project is the same, it opens opportunities to grow within the company.

That’s what Mei May enjoys most about her job. “Each project has its own unique challenge,” she observes, “and that stimulates me to constantly discover new technologies, think outside the box, and produce innovative solutions for customers.”

Her experiences have also equipped her to become a mentor to other team members, providing continuous technical support across a variety of domains.

“Throughout my career at Schlumberger, one thing is constant—teamwork.”

In addition, she likes the fast-paced nature and the sense of accomplishment when she achieves high-quality work and brings projects to fruition while meeting deadlines. She also appreciates having great colleagues and supportive managers who are helpful and fun to work with.

The time she spent in each region has allowed her to learn new ways of working in teams, new ways of dealing with business challenges, and new ways of presenting work.

Mei May describes teamwork as being an important aspect of her job. “Throughout my career at Schlumberger, one thing is constant—teamwork,” says Mei May, “In addition, I’ve gained vital project management and communication skills.”

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Mei May, Project Manager
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