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Meet Miriam: Developing Software for the Energy Transition

In this interview, meet Miriam. “I’ve always loved problem-solving and technical challenges,” smiles Miriam, who started as an intern at a Schlumberger technology center 19 years ago.

She is involved in developing software that contributes to the lowering of emissions in oil and gas operations as well as the unlocking of sustainable energy through a formalized process that explores how Schlumberger’s expertise can be used in the wider energy industry.

Tell us about your work.

Together with my team, we have developed on-demand reservoir simulation that uses the elastic capacity of the cloud to run reservoir simulations in the cloud. This is now a commercial product for the company. We recently we had the opportunity to discuss how it could be used to transform carbon capture and storage modelling with the company’s CEO.

Personally, I was involved in this product from the beginning, so it is extremely satisfying to see it being used across the world for our customers, and then work on developing the product further to lower the cost of carbon capture and storage.

It doesn’t get any bigger than working on solutions that will address climate change while continuing to provide people with sustainable and affordable energy. That is what gets me up in the morning. I’m a working mother, and this is the best way I can see to use my skills and expertise to protect my children’s future.

Tell us about your career.

I see my career as a series of adventures. I have worked at two of the company’s research centers and I have also worked in field operations where I gained an understanding of the deployment challenges of our technologies. One of my most vivid memories from this assignment is watching the sunrise offshore in Indonesia.

I have also had the opportunity to apply my technical knowledge and skills differently—as a technology center recruiter. Currently, I am developing software products both to lower carbon intensity in the industry and to support Schlumberger’s customers in transitioning to other energy sources and storage mechanisms.

“At Schlumberger, I’ve always worked as part of incredibly diverse teams—collaborating and learning from their different perspectives to identify successful paths forward and to innovate solutions.”

Where are you based in your current role?

I work remotely from home. This started with the Covid-19 pandemic, although we relocated because of my husband’s job to an area where we do not have a Schlumberger office. The company has been extremely supportive in giving this flexibility to our family while supporting both our careers.

19 years is a long time – why do you continue to work for Schlumberger?

The variety—and the consistency. As you can see, I have enjoyed a lot of variety of roles in my career as well as new experiences.

What remains consistent is that everyone is encouraged to be proactive and own their ability to have a positive impact on the organization and beyond. Furthermore, in all my roles at Schlumberger, I have always worked as part of incredibly diverse teams—collaborating and learning from their different perspectives to identify successful paths forward and to innovate solutions. I believe this is fundamental to creating a better future for us all.

What’s next for you Miriam?

I am hoping to begin my next adventure in carbon capture and storage – it is a key component in addressing climate change and I know that Schlumberger has the expertise and core technical skills to really make a difference—I look forward to being part of progressing this important chapter for the company.

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