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Meet Mobolaji, Well Construction Manager

When Mobolaji was a university student, her initial attraction to Schlumberger was its top reputation for engineering, though it would be the experience she had during her internship that convinced her to join the company.

Schlumberger’s diversity and career opportunities are key reasons she joined the company. One of the things Mobolaji appreciates the most about working for Schlumberger is the people—some of Mobolaji’s closest friends are from connections she made right at the start of her career.

Her introduction to Schlumberger started when she joined the company as an intern in the summer of 2008. “My experience at the training centers was excellent,” she says. “I felt valued, realizing how much investment the company puts into developing employees to succeed in their roles,” she continues, “and the added bonus of Schlumberger training is the opportunity to create a network of supportive friends.”

“You don’t realise how much potential you have until you challenge yourself. Schlumberger offers employees various avenues to do this.”

She then joined Schlumberger in 2012 as a Field Engineer Trainee for Drilling and Measurements in the United Kingdom. Working her way through the fixed step program from a Field Engineer trainee to a General Field Engineer, she later moved to an office environment, working as a Remote Operations Engineer.

Her next career challenge occurred when she transitioned from a Process Engineer role to a Workforce Coordinator position for the European region—an interesting change of function. In 2020, she took on the role of Field Development and Engagement Manager in Well Construction Division for the Europe region.

Recently, Mobolaji started a new position outside the United Kingdom as the Well Construction Instructor Lead at the company’s Kellyville Learning Centre in the United States.

She is amazed by the borderless career opportunities that Schlumberger offers. Being able to work and gain competency in different functions and locations ensures she’s continually motivated.

Mobolaji’s advice for someone considering a career at Schlumberger is to be ready for a challenge as the company offers incredible opportunities: “You don’t realise how much potential you have until you challenge yourself,” she points out, “Schlumberger offers employees various avenues to do this.”

As Mobolaji was once advised: “You need to be an example of change, or nothing will change.” If she could go back to her younger self, she would say: be true to who you are, forge your own path, and live life to the fullest.

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