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What is it like working for Schlumberger?

“Schlumberger is a multinational company that operates in about 85 different countries worldwide. This creates a very diverse workplace and exposes us to a range of people from many different cultures. This increases our understanding and awareness of others and improves our communication skills.”

What type of skills do you need for this job?

“Being a network analyst requires me to be both physically and mentally strong. The Enterprise Management Center (EMC) operates 24/7 so we have to do a variety of both day and night shifts. I have had to train my body to quickly adapt during the day and night shift transition. Staying healthy is key in order to continue working productively. We work as a team here every day and so anyone working for the company needs to be an excellent team player. In addition, I personally believe that there is always more that we can learn so having an eagerness to learn new things is also beneficial.”


Network Analyst

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Degree: Bachelor’s, Computer Science

Institute: Universiti Malaya

Start Date: 2006

"With the IT Training Program, our career development is in our hands."

What does the future hold for your career in Schlumberger?

“Schlumberger provides good opportunities for career progression. With the IT Training Program, our career development is solely in our hands—no one can hold us back if we are determined to succeed.”

How has your background in IT helped you?

I graduated with a Computer Science degree and I majored in Computer Systems and Networking. What I learnt at University is still relevant to my day to day job. Schlumberger has a large scale network that consists of a variety of network systems. The availability of the network is essential to ensuring that jobs or operations aren’t interrupted. Being a network analyst gives me the opportunity to apply what I learnt in University and this motivates me to continually keep learning.”

What kind of training have you received since you joined?

“Apart from training which is specifically tailored to our day to day job, we are also trained in management and people skills. Schlumberger encourages us to obtain professional certifications that benefit our career.”