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A bright future

Intensive training and on-the-job learning have opened a world of opportunities for Natasha

As a Mechanical Technician based in Guyana, Natasha says mud and oil are her two loyal friends. That’s just fine by her.

Having earned an associate degree in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Natasha was ready to enter a predominantly male—and somewhat messy—field. While on training in Abu Dhabi, she joined colleagues from many countries. “Everyone was together, as if we all came from the same place.” As one of the few females in the class, she never felt treated as anything less than equal.

Natasha’s workdays usually begin the same way. “Safety is a priority in this company so no matter the day, we start with a safety meeting.” From there, she may be disassembling and assembling tools, cleaning parts, testing electrical components, and handling paperwork. But there can always be the unexpected. “You might receive a call saying training is available halfway around the world and your ticket is booked! I have experienced this on more than one occasion.”

“I have gained a level of confidence I never knew I had within me and I am super grateful for that.”

Natasha was raised in a large extended family with 14 children, “always in a bunch with mommy taking care of us!” Joining Schlumberger, she was suddenly away from home for a year. “I had to learn to be independent and responsible. It was hard at first, but I am a better person today. I have gained a level of confidence I never knew I had within me and I am super grateful for that.”

The highlight of her career so far has been the completion of Level 2 Technician training. “I feel very proud of myself because this training was done virtually from halfway around the world with a 12-hour time difference. I made it through with a final score of 100 and I was the only female in the class!”

The intensive training and steep on-the-job learning curve were challenging at first, says Natasha. “But as I progress everything is falling into place. I see myself having a bright future here with a world of opportunities.”

Natasha, Mechanical Technician
Mechanical Technician
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