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SLB Manufacturing facility bergen

A dynamic, collaborative, and supportive workforce

Nour joined us in Kuwait as a field engineer at after graduating from the University of Manchester. Her responsibilities include programming the tools, making up the BHA, monitoring tool performance, and troubleshooting, when necessary, in order to ensure the job is completed safely and to ensure client satisfaction.

SLB’s diverse work environment was what attracted Nour to SLB. “At SLB not only do we value diversity but also teamwork and people here are always willing to share what they learned, “she says. As a female engineer, she has always felt valued by all her teammates and has been able to expand her expertise in an inclusive environment.

“They never made me feel any different, I was immediately embraced as a team member. All of this made me certain that this is the place that I want to commit to.”

When she first started, she was surprised by the constant support she received from her manager. “Although he had a lot of work to do, he always made time to teach me and answer any question or concerns I had,” she expresses. Working collaboratively with her supportive colleagues has inspired Nour to pursue managerial positions in the future so that she can continue to drive team success.

Her advice to someone considering a career at SLB, is to “expect the unexpected. At SLB the work force is very dynamic, and you will be tested a lot on your abilities, this will make you an even stronger person.

Nour a Field Engineer
Field Engineer