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Help shape the future

Nuala first joined SLB through an acquisition in 2007 and began working as a Marketing Coordinator for the new SLB Subsea Surveillance group. From there, she was a Media Relations Specialist for 4 years and currently works as the EUR Communications Lead after an extended maternity leave.

Nuala’s position includes responsibility for internal and external communications, which involves articles for industries publications and the internal intranet, LinkedIn posts, Yammer posts, and working on internal and external events. She enjoys working for SLB because “Every day is different! I like the fast pace and how dynamic the company is just now . . . the way we communicate our message is changing and it is really exciting times in this role.” Throughout her time at SLB, Nuala’s career highlights include organizing global trade shows to more local events such as the opening of the new Performance Centre in Aberdeen.

“My advice to someone considering joining SLB would be to go for it! It can be demanding but also rewarding.”

Nuala is an advocate for the ThisAbility Network at SLB, as she believes, "It is important to keep moving forward on this type of inclusion. I want to be part of the movement that ensures the workplace is more inclusive and a welcoming space in the future.” After an accident while traveling on business in 2011, Nuala would have loved a space like this to help figure out her options or just to speak to other people. “The presence of this network has provided a safe space to talk to others about their experiences and find out what policies are in place to support. Just the fact this Employee Resource Group (ERG) exists, I feel more comfortable that I will be supported if I need it.” Nuala believes that the ERG has positively impacted SLB because it has opened an avenue to discuss disability and any barriers in the workplace and how SLB can overcome them.

EUR Communications Lead