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Diversity, teamwork, and technology: An exciting career combination

With degrees in Computer Science and Electronics Science under her belt, Shalini first joined SLB in 2016 as a Supply Chain Test Lead and quickly advanced her career. She currently works at a SLB technology center as a software Product Owner, driving the adoption of Agile software development in the Scrum team.

Her position involves planning for and ensuring the quality and timeliness of activities related to software design and implementation of Digital Product.

“My role entails facilitating and driving requirement elicitation, architecture analysis, solution designing, estimation, staffing, and risk planning”, she says, “Additionally, I mentor and support the project team in developing optimized quality deliverables.”

Being involved in project management, she expresses that there is something really rewarding about seeing a project through to the end. One aspect she enjoys about her position is that it involves close collaboration with her colleagues, and she serves as an intermediary between business users and stakeholders.

“The biggest inspiration for me at SLB is diversity. The diversity of culture, nationality, gender, and work experience.”

Shalini shares that through her role as a Product Owner, she’s developed exceptional coordination and prioritization skills. “Forming a new team with fresh graduates has been the greatest challenge in this job,” she notes, ''Managing a high-value application and ensuring customer satisfaction while training new team members has enabled me to develop my mentoring and interpersonal capabilities.”

She admires SLB for its learning culture, where teamwork and collaboration are encouraged, excellence is rewarded, and diversity is both respected and valued.

Now, almost six years into the business, she looks back with fondness at all the knowledge and experience she has acquired working in the company. “The biggest inspiration for me at SLB is diversity. The diversity of culture, nationality, gender, and work experience,” Shalini explains. She is still amazed by the borderless collaboration that exists in SLB, working with people from all horizons, in several different time zones.

“My advice for those who plan to join SLB is that you should always dare to discover. In doing so, I personally uncovered my potential and my ability to grow through mentorship, empowerment, and the tools and cutting-edge technologies that the company offers. Shalini adds that being part of such a dynamic team motivates her to continuously strive for excellence.

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