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Becoming a Security Architect was one of Snehal’s long-term goals. At Schlumberger, she’s already checked that one off the list.

After Snehal graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Telecommunication degree from Pune University, India, she got busy carving a niche for herself as an IT consultant. Meanwhile, some engineering friends encouraged her to consider working for Schlumberger. “I had always known Schlumberger to be a great company. However, I did not know anything about its Information Technology program.” When she found out about the company’s years-long, global transformation of its enterprise management system, the sheer scale of the roll-out intrigued her. What impressed her even more was the collaboration between IT and the business teams as part of the implementation.

"Schlumberger constantly challenges its employees with new opportunities and high expectations."

Snehal was one of the first people hired for the Pune IT Center in 2015, first as a Security Analyst, then a Security Team Lead. She leads security design and support for several business domains, as well as security design for reporting. Most days are full of brainstorming ideas for design solutions or planning security roll-out tasks for a new release or assessing risk and performing root cause analyses.

Snehal was part of Schlumberger’s largest enterprise management system roll-out which so far is reaching thousands of users in North America. Her responsibilities included designing security for various business lines, business areas, processes and tools, which demanded expertise on the technical front as well as a clear understanding of business needs. Being a security consultant requires building good relationships with stakeholders, says Snehal, and it demands quick identification of risks and the conviction to act on them without hesitation. “I feel proud to be able to manage this very well.”

Snehal cites the Schlumberger Eureka Technical Careers (SETC) program as one of the company’s greatest advantages. “Completing my SETC promotion and achieving the position of Security Architect was a particularly memorable moment for me.”

Snehal has words of encouragement for potential recruits. “Schlumberger constantly challenges its employees with new opportunities and high expectations. The key is to adapt, learn, take initiative, improve and deliver, all at a fast pace. But don’t let it worry you; you will have plenty of training and a lot of people to support and guide you.”

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Security Architect
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