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Be bold

Taya began her journey at SLB after successfully completing an internship as a field engineer. With over 20 years of experience at SLB, in different countries such as US, Canada, Tanzania, Congo, Kuwait, Qatar and more, and working various roles in operations, recruitment, marketing and sales, Taya now works as a Global Sales Manager Emission Management.

“At first, I thought I would only be at SLB for 5 years, and then it went to 10 years, then 15 years, now it’s been 20 amazing years. I was motivated by the leadership and work challenges and continuing that challenge has become a flourishing career. This is why I am still here.”

As Global Sales Manager Emission Management, no two days are the same. Taya focuses on bringing awareness internally and externally on what we do as a global technology company. “I meet with SLB’s internal teams in the different geographies and divisions and have meetings with SLB’s customers” she adds that, “A good day is when I have three or more customer meetings, because I do enjoy sharing and expressing our company more externally because you really make an impact.” Her day also consist of mentoring people within SLB. “I have a passion for people empowerment, I mentor, for two different groups in the company, one to help employees develop in their current job, which I do twice a month. And also, I mentor women to feel empowered in their career development.” She is also the President of the Employee Resource Group Black Organization for Leadership and Diversity (BOLD) at SLB.  As a BOLD member Taya ensures an open and welcoming place for employees in SLB and focuses on creating a caring and safe environment. As well as being a coach and mentor to employees in SLB and beyond, Taya is also a mother and prioritizes her family’s well-being. To get through the busy day, she typically starts her day with meditation, “Throughout the day I meditate and breathe just to remind me to do some selfcare,” she says.

Over the years Taya, has reached milestones in her career at SLB, such as completing our training program as the first Black American woman in wireline to do her entire training period offshore, and moving to locations within Sub Sahara Africa and becoming a Regional Manager. Taya’s passion and vision are to build a legacy in the community as her parents instilled in her to impact the lives of others with knowledge, including being the founder and Vice President of Sam’s Feathers Youth Foundation which is an organization that gives youth opportunities and educational success. She enjoys using these values to motivate youth to achieve greatness in life.

Taya’s advice to someone considering a career at SLB is to “be a sponge and learn as much as you can. Networking is important, true diversity is diversity of thoughts and be BOLD, if you have an idea speak up.

Taya Global Sales Management
Global Sales Manager Emission Management