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Powering Tomorrow: Meet Yuri, Cloud Engineering Manager

Yuri recently celebrated a major milestone in his career, having reached the 10-year mark of working at Schlumberger.

His career journey began upon completion of his master’s degree in Computer Science when he joined the company as a Software Engineer. What follows is a string of opportunities, each one more enriching than the last, leading him to his current position as a Cloud Engineering Manager.

As Yuri explains in this video, an aspect he enjoys most about his work is the diverse and borderless collaboration. ‘’We tackle global challenges, with a worldwide impact. That means working with genuinely diverse teams with people of different backgrounds, thoughts, and experiences.’’

What truly captivates Yuri is the chance to tackle energy sector challenges, and to expand his horizons, which he believes is achieved through teamwork. ‘’The future of energy is going to be defined by collaboration,’’ he emphasizes.

“The future of energy is going to be defined by collaboration.”

His role entails leading a large team of software engineers to deliver domain workflows deployed globally in the Cloud with highly availability, reliability, and consistency. He oversees development, quality, UX, operations and security readiness. ‘’One of my projects has been working on GAIA, a data discovery and marketplace platform that puts the world’s data at our fingertips,” Yuri explains. ‘’It’s a single platform that seamlessly brings together our industry community to accelerate the discovery of energy all over the world.’’

Through his many experiences, he’s acquired in-depth knowledge of computer programming languages and strong analytical capabilities, all the while applying his creativity and technical mind to develop solutions at scale in the Cloud.

Yuri is convinced of the importance of building capabilities by empowering people and encouraging them to bring out the best of each other. “We support each other to be outstanding,’’ he says.

That’s why Yuri has volunteered as a Math Teacher and organized mentorship sessions in a local school as part of SEED, a Schlumberger initiative that brings together volunteers to share their passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The SEED program sparks students’ interest in STEM subjects through inquiry-based learning and hands-on science experiments,” he says, “It’s been a great experience.”

Yuri is enthusiastic about the future of the energy industry and feels privileged to be able to contribute in his own way. He is fully aware of the fact that the work he does today will impact the lives of people tomorrow, and he welcomes the challenge. ‘’It’s a lot of responsibility, but that’s what makes it exciting,’’ he concludes.

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Meet Yuri, Cloud Engineering Manager