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Annual awards program recognizes teamwork, innovation, and business impact companywide

As a leading provider of technology, continuous innovation is at the core of Schlumberger. The Performed by Schlumberger program not only encourages excellence— it also recognizes and promotes cross-departmental teamwork throughout the company.

The highest honor is the CEO Award, which is presented in three categories: Customer Performance, Operations Excellence, and Innovation. These winning projects have created substantial business impact and strengthen our culture of excellence.

Image showing sky view of OneSubsea building.

The ascent of subsea gas compression

This year, the Performed by Schlumberger CEO Award in the Customer Performance category was presented to the team from The Ascent of Subsea Gas Compression project. This category recognizes projects that have driven our customers’ performance to new levels. By focusing on the customer, the project has enabled high performance while supporting a better, cleaner, and safer industry. The success of the project also helped solidify subsea multiphase compression as an attractive and robust technology to improve the value of subsea gas fields, generating interest from other operators that were considering the technology.

The big shift

The Performed by Schlumberger CEO Award in the Operations Excellence category went to the team from The Big Shift project. The Operations Excellence category recognizes projects that exemplify our agility and resilience in our operations while maintaining our responsibility to all our stakeholders, the environment, and the communities where we live and work. This team rapidly enabled a peak of 60,000 people—six times the normal number of people who worked remotely in Schlumberger—to have fully enabled remote capabilities by the end of March. This achievement enabled business continuity through the initial stages of the pandemic and is now the new normal for thousands of Schlumberger employees worldwide.

Infographic displaying remote working statistics.
Infographic displaying remote working statistics.
Image showing workers looking at data.

Ora—the dawn of a new era

The Performed by Schlumberger CEO Award in the Innovation category was awarded to the team submitting the Ora—The Dawn of a New Era project. The Innovation category recognizes projects that combine our unique team and technology performance to deliver market outperformance and drive efficiency sustainably while capturing new growth opportunities. Ora intelligent wireline formation testing platform technology helps characterize reservoirs in much less time than other methods and can confirm reserves offshore without the need to flare or produce hydrocarbons that require disposal.

This awards program is just one of the channels we use to stimulate innovation across the company, and forms part of Schlumberger’s INSPIRE events series.

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