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Performed by Schlumberger Winners
The Performed by Schlumberger program recognizes teams throughout the company who have demonstrated exceptional levels of teamwork, innovation, and business impact for Schlumberger and its customers.

Performed by Schlumberger

Teamwork, innovation, and business impact recognized in annual companywide awards program

The annual Performed by Schlumberger awards program encourages excellence and promotes cross-departmental teamwork throughout the company. The program recognizes teams who have demonstrated exceptional levels of teamwork, innovation, and business impact for Schlumberger and its customers.

The highest honor is the CEO Award, which is presented in three categories: Innovation, Operations Excellence, and Customer Performance. These winning projects have created substantial business impact and continue to strengthen the company’s culture of excellence.

Innovation category: iX ReINVENTs Intervention for a Sustainable Future
Using intelligent, instrumented downhole technologies, Schlumberger’s iX platform reinvents intervention, enabling operators to monitor and control progress under extreme conditions in real time, and to quickly respond to downhole challenges. The full suite of iX platform technology is the result of more than 20 years of research and engineering, 100 patents, and 150 combinable modules, designed, tested, and built by more than 300 dedicated employees across 22 engineering and support teams.

Operations Excellence category: M&S Prime—Solving the Complex Puzzle
Enabling the best performance from our assets anytime, anywhere required a step change in our materials and supplies (M&S) operating model to deliver both a simpler replenishment process and a reliable service-level commitment from nearby stocking points. This project is focused on centralizing planning, simplifying and automating the ordering process, and optimizing our distribution network. Among the results were 45% lower lead time and a sizeable reduction in inventory—combined with the lowest instances of stockouts ever recorded.

Customer Performance category: A Microscopic View to The Future of Energy
Schlumberger collaborated with Qatargas to develop the one run logging-while-drilling solution using a combination of multiple well construction technologies and a fit-for-basin variant of MicroScope HD resistivity- and high-definition imaging while-drilling service that reduces drilling costs and improves the evaluation of gas-rich carbonates in the North Field.

This awards program is just one of the channels we use to celebrating employees’ achievements across the company, and forms part of Schlumberger’s INSPIRE events series.