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RE-Thinking manufacturing to create our future

Disrupt Ourselves should be the mantra of any technology company, and this holds especially true for Schlumberger. Our experts apply their creative minds to develop new technologies to overcome our industry’s most complex challenges, and to constantly innovate our own way of advancing technology.

In this highly connected world, thanks to digital enablement, hardware manufacturing can benefit tremendously from modernization and digitalization.

The Schlumberger annual RE-Think Manufacturing event promotes the modernization of Schlumberger Manufacturing by showcasing innovative projects and ideas that can deliver an increased impact on industry operations. The event is the perfect opportunity for talented members of the worldwide Schlumberger technology development community to network, collaborate on, and share innovative approaches to manufacturing practices. And as a result, RE-Think how we manufacture and shape our future.

Designing machines and methodologies to manufacture new technologies

In the recently concluded 2019 RE-Think event, one of the highlights was the knowledge sharing on machine design. In a recent groundbreaking technology launch the engineering and manufacturing teams worked with a hands-on approach to develop—design, produce—7 new machines to streamline manufacturing.

RE-Think Manufacturing is just one of the channels we use to inspire innovation across the company towards our Technology4.0 ambition and forms part of Schlumberger’s INSPIRE events series.

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RE-Think Manufacturing
RE-Think Manufacturing