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Meet Hilde, Principal Scientific Computing Engineer: MSc in industrial mathematics, PhD in statistics, focusing on geostatistical problems.

Applied research in an international team

When Hilde completed her PhD in statistics, her ambition was to work in applied research. She chose Schlumberger for its reputation of being in the front line of technology and software development for the energy industry.

“The international profile of the company also appealed to me, as I knew I would be working in a diverse team with good growth opportunities,” she recalls.

That was more than 20 years ago.

“I feel I’ve more than achieved my ambition,” she says. “I’ve spent most of my career in research, working on many interesting technology projects related to seismic reservoir characterization. I’ve had exposure to collaborative projects with technology centres, and I’ve taken part in joint research projects with customers.”

Hilde has advanced her career through the Schlumberger Eureka Technical Community where she achieved the level of Principal in 2016, an accolade reserved for technical leaders. She has since had management responsibility for a group of research scientists.

“I’ve been trusted with increasing responsibilities over the years, and that makes me feel like my contributions are valued by the different communities within the company.”

“I recently started in a new position as Scientific Computing Engineer, where I work on research-related topics for software technology development,” she adds.

As a technical expert in her domain, Hilde’s colleagues come to her for advice or to discuss a challenge they are facing.

“I’ve been trusted with increasing responsibilities over the years, and that makes me like feel my contributions are valued by the different communities within the company,” she says.

Working at Schlumberger involves life-long learning for those working in research and development, with each new project requiring thorough knowledge of the theory and literature behind the task at hand.

“For me, training has been achieved through a mix of theoretical courses and self-training that have expanded my skillset over the years,” says Hilde. “I’ve utilized many of the training options offered by Schlumberger, from the classroom-based courses to the company’s online learning pathways.”

Outside of work, Hilde seizes the opportunity to hike during the summer and to enjoy cross-country skiing during the winter with her husband and two daughters.

“I also have a passion for photography, and I’ve spent the last few years improving my technical and compositional skills with my digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera.”

“You asked about the best view I’ve had from my office window? That must have been when I took part in a project workshop many years ago. The “office” for the day was on a cruise ship way up north during the winter. As we sailed through the Norwegian fjords and valleys filled with sea water known as sounds, we had a magnificent panorama of snow-covered mountains surrounded by blue sea. It was an amazing day.”

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Meet Hilde, Principal Scientific Computing Engineer
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