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Meet Maryam, Data Scientist

What’s your background prior to joining Schlumberger?

When I joined Schlumberger in 2021 as a Data Scientist based in Oman, I had a Master of Data Science degree and had already been working in the IT sector for two years. Like many people who are a couple of years into their career, I was looking for a new challenge.

Why did you join Schlumberger?

When I received the job offer from Schlumberger, I was initially unsure about whether to accept. I had a preconception that the energy industry was not very high tech, and I was worried that my skill set might not be challenged enough, and I may find it a little boring. However, since joining, I have come to realize that the company is totally focused on investing in new technologies. I am constantly surprised by the knowledge of my colleagues and their willingness to support me, and to hear my point of view. Every day that I come to work, I feel like I’m learning and stretching my capabilities. At the same time, I’m really exploring my potential.

“Always work on what you love and believe in your ability, by these you will be able to reach your goal and do what others cannot do.”

Tell us about the learning and development opportunities.

The learning opportunities that Schlumberger offers are really exciting. The company provides a wealth of resources for employees. It’s down to you to take every advantage of the many courses available. There’s also the Eureka technical community—an incredible network available 24/7 to support you with any technical questions or to help you to improve your own ideas. It’s really inspiring to see the learning journey unfold in front of you to help you develop and master your skills, while really contributing to the success of the team around you.

What’s next for you?

After less than a year with the company, I have had the opportunity to speak at a data innovation summit with many experts in human-centered data and AI innovation. To be the presenter and to share our view on the role of data science and machine learning in our industry so early in my career has been very exciting.

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Maryam, Data Scientist
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